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Hush Little Baby Jim Carrier

Hush Little Baby

Jim Carrier

Published March 1st 1992
ISBN : 9781558175419
294 pages
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 About the Book 

Even though I keep saying Im going to stop reading true crime because it always upsets me, I keep reading it anyway. This book was definitely disturbing/upsetting. But I actually think it was much better written than the majority of the true crime that Ive read, especially in paperback.For me, the most interesting part of true crime is always the psychology of the killer or criminal, and sometimes the victim. This book spent a lot of time on that topic, and much less on the tedium of the trial. It also didnt focus too heavily on the actual crime itself, which is good because it definitely is not the type of crime you want to read lots of details about if you are at all squeamish. I was very pleasantly surprised that the book was much more thoughtful and interesting than it was sensationalist. Perhaps thats because it was written in the early 1990s, and everything is seemingly more sensationalistic now!