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Zelos - värld i krig (Dödspatrullen 3) Richard Avery

Zelos - värld i krig (Dödspatrullen 3)

Richard Avery

Published 1978
ISBN : 9789132417238
Mass Market Paperback
155 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The probe reported no evidence of human life on Zelos. It should have been an easy mission. The planet was supposed to be remarkably like Earth.The Expendables were trained to expect the unexpected, but even they were surprised to discover homo sapiens 24 light-years away from Terra. These people were Viking-like. Tall. Strong. Armed. And ready to fight with their uninvited guests.Zelosian weaponry was primitive and no match for the Expendables laser power. But the Expendables wanted to colonize Zelos, not wipe out the population. So when the crew of the Santa Maria was asked to join the War Games, they accepted. They would have to prove themselves-- or perish . . .